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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 3. Abhyasa—The Practice

Find a quiet corner where you may sit calmly without being disturbed for at least ten minutes every day, preferably twice, at dawn and dusk, or at least once a day. Ensure that there is enough ventilation to allow fresh, sweet breeze to enter. Having chosen the place, don’t change it often.

This has its own advantages. The conducive vibrations of the place in which you practise build up as days go by until they are able to influence your mind the moment you sit down.

This is why many meditators prefer to use a small special room or shrine exclusively for the purpose of meditation. That is, of course, the best thing to do, but if you find it difficult to set apart a meditation room, you could use any quiet corner as I have mentioned above. Even your bed will do, but be warned. Since a bed is meant for sleeping, the subtle influence of sleep may overpower you as soon as your mind begins to calm down and you may find yourself falling asleep. This has been the experience of many meditators except the most advanced who can even meditate in the marketplace.


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