Getting Along With Others


Overcoming Negative Emotions

Jealousy comes from an inferiority complex, and expresses itself through suspicion and fear. It signifies that a person is afraid he cannot hold his own in his relationships with others, be they conjugal, filial, social. If you feel you have cause to be jealous of someone—for example, if you are afraid that the one you love is transferring his or her attention to another—first strive to understand if there is something lacking within yourself. Improve yourself, develop yourself. The only way to hold on to the affection or respect of another is to apply the law of love and to merit that recognition by self-improvement….Fulfillment lies in constantly improving yourself so that instead of your seeking others, others will seek you.


Even while striving to improve yourself, learn to stand alone, secure in your own virtues and self-worth. If you want others to believe in you, remember, it isn’t only your words that have an effect, but what you are and what you feel within—what is in your soul. Always strive to be an angel within, no matter how others behave. Be sincere, kind, loving, and understanding.


When someone comes to you in anger, remain in charge of yourself. “I will not lose my temper. I will keep on expressing calmness until his feeling changes.”


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