Getting Along With Others


Overcoming Negative Emotions

When a loved one…tries our patience beyond endurance, we should retire to a quiet place, lock the door, practice some physical exercise, and then quiet ourselves in the following way:

Sit in a straight chair, with spine erect; slowly inhale and exhale, twelve times. Then deeply affirm mentally, ten times or more: “Father, Thou art harmony. Let me reflect Thy harmony. Harmonize my error-stricken dear one.”

One should affirm this until he feels, through the deep sense of peace and calm assurance falling upon him, that God has heard him and has answered.


“Aren’t your teachings about controlling the emotions dangerous?” a student asked. “Many psycholologists claim that suppression leads to mental maladjustments and even to physical illness.”

Paramhansa Yogananda replied: “Supression is harmful—holding the thought that you want something but doing nothing constructive to get it. Self-control is beneficial—patiently replacing wrong thoughts by right ones, changing reprehensible actions to helpful ones.

“Those who dwell on evil hurt themselves. Men who fill their minds with wisdom and their lives with constructive activities spare themselves ignoble suffering.”


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