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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 3. Abhyasa—The Practice

Now, if you like, before you begin the actual practice, you may perform the usual prayers, rituals etc., which have been taught to you before. Hindus can practise sandhya vandana or simply chant the wonderful Gayatri Mantra a few times. Muslims may practise their Namaz, an excellent spiritual exercise. Christians can chant their prayers which include the ‘Sermon on the Mount’: “Our Father who art in heaven…”, Buddhists may chant “The Jewel in the Lotus”, the Sikhs their Satnam, and so on.

After this is over, sit in a comfortable, relaxed and yet firm posture. Sukhasana or sitting cross-legged as on steady  does while eating is fine, or if one has had enough training, Padmasana or lotus posture in which Buddha is usually depicted is ideal. Sitting on the heels with head bent and chin pressing the upper part of the chest in a chin-lock (bandha) as Muslims sit for prayer—the Egyptian posture—is also suitable. The main idea is to keep the backbone erect and yet not suffer pain or discomfort.


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