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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 3. Abhyasa—The Practice

Those who cannot sit in any of these postures may sit on a cushion or chair. It is foolish to try to twist yourself into difficult postures without previous training. When there is pain, the mind gets distracted and will remain occupied with it and will refuse to ascend to higher things. So be comfortable but not so comfortable as to fall asleep.

Inhale deeply and consciously a few times. Relax! for, concentration and meditation come with relaxation, not with tension. Then begin to chant any of the well-known mantras you might have learnt. Om Namashivaya is good, so is Om Sri Ram Jai Ram or Hare Krishna or Allah-hu or merely hu or Om. The idea is that it should be concise, not long and unwieldy. If you so desire, I shall give you one mantra: ‘So Hum’ which means ‘That I am’.

Now, the important thing is to combine your breathing with the chanting of the mantra. Don’t chant audibly; chant mentally. When you inhale, chant ‘So’, and when you exhale, chant ‘Hum’. Chant nine rounds, one inhalation and one exhalation making one round.


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