Getting Along With Others


Overcoming Negative Emotions

It is easy to strike back, but to give love is the highest way to try to disarm your persecutor. Even if it doesn’t work at the time, he will never be able to forget that when he gave you a slap, you gave love in return. That  love must be sincere; when it comes from the heart, love is magical. You should not look for the effects; even if your love is spurned, pay no attention. Give love and forget. Don’t expect anything; then you will see the magical result.


The God of some scriptures is a revengeful deity, always ready to punish us. But jesus showed us the real nature of God….He did not destroy his enemies with “twelve legions of angels,” but rather overcame evil with the power of divine love. His actions demonstrated the supreme love of God, and the behavior of those who are one with Him.


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