As a baby, you came into this world completely unrestricted, unguarded and unafraid of being intimate with others. You were a bubble of bliss and your heart was naturally open, fearless and unconditionally loving. You were constantly merging with everyone and everything you met.  Giving and receiving touch was as natural as breathing. Then, throughout your childhood, a grid of social rules were unconsciously implanted upon you. They were given so you could fit in, survive the system, and become accepted member of the society. You were taught there was a right and wrong way to talk to people, to work, play, to touch others, and socially interact with everyone. These social rules often created feelings of limitation, separation and distance from other people. This fear based system educated you that you’d be punished in some way if you broke one of their rules. These rules have been planted in such old deep soil within you, that you may not be aware how they are rooted and functioning in your everyday life. 

Now that you are an adult and on the path of healing, personal growth and self-realization, your job is to liberate yourself from every single limitation that has been imposed upon you.  You are here to find freedom from every mental, emotional, social, and physical prison you’re living in.  You are here to grow beyond all these walls.  You already know which social rules are imperative not to break as they would hurt others, yourself and perhaps throw you into jail.  Yet, this level of liberation I’m speaking about is not about breaking those types of social laws, this freedom is much more evolved than that.  This path is about finding a freedom within yourself that is sooo enormous, so ecstatic, and full of aliveness that every societal rule must bend and bow down on the path to greet you.

Courtesy: By Jafree Ozwald 



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