sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 3. Abhyasa—The Practice

then, this is most important—give up trying to control your breathing consciously. Instead, allow the inhalations and exhalations to follow their own rhythm. You merely watch the inhalation and exhalation quietly, meanwhile continuing to chant ‘So Hum’ mentally with each natural inhalation and exhalation.

Now, fix your mental gaze at a spot just below your physical heart or at the point between the eyebrows. Pinch once lightly any one of these spots you have chosen to help you fix your attention there. Visualise a silvery flame, cool and radiant like the moon, shining in your centre of attention. Or, you may visualise a lovely rose, a lotus, or a star. But stick to any one symbol and centre. Don’t keep changing and shifting. Personally, I would suggest a blooming radiant lotus in the heart-centre but leave it to you to decide.

As you watch your breath silently chanting ‘So Hum’, you will find that the rhythm of breathing slows down considerably and a certain peace and tranquillity begins to emerge and envelope your whole being. Often, at this stage you feel like giving a deep sigh. The sigh denotes that your psyche is beginning to relax and settle down.


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