If you’re interested in discovering a new level of inner freedom and liberation in your life, my invitation for you is to start breaking free from that social programming which says, “keep to yourself” and God forbid don’t physically touch anybody you don’t know! Try on something radical and completely new here. Explore what its like to reformat your social software to experiencing more physical touch with everyone you know.   Make the habit of creating heart to heart connections with everyone you meet, especially those who are cold, resistant and truly need a hug.  This time you have here is precious and not worth wasting a single day on feeling distant and separate from others.  Devote the remainder of your life to replacing every potential hand shake with a heart warming hug. Open your arms to new people you meet and embrace them. This deeply transformative heart opening practice which will change your entire life in more ways than you know.

In 1996 when I first decided to break free from all social rules and open my heart to embracing everyone I met, I noticed something dramatic shifted inside me.  The life I once lived which felt separate and distant from others, soon became warm, fearless and healing in all my relationships and conversations.  In a few months time I had “trained” everyone who knew me that they would give and receive a hug whenever we met.  My entire world was surrounded with meeting warm spirited friends who instantly opened their hearts to me upon first sight.  For the very first time, I felt as if my heart had a home inside of every person in my life.

Becoming a hug-a-holic is a practice that requires a delicate balance of giving and receiving love.  It honors where people are at in their ability to let in love, and yet lives under a very radical and rebellious assumption that most of society needs to hug each other more frequently.  This doesn’t mean that you’re running up to embrace every single person you see on the street.  The hugs that come from you are more of a natural heart opening effect that come through a deeper devotion to your heart and spiritual path.  When your heart truly opens up to the source of love, it becomes overflowing with such a genuine fearless energy that you have to share it with everyone you personally meet.  You just don’t care anymore if the other person is going to be offended if you reach out to hug them.  You’ve already let so many social rules run your life, so don’t let the ego get in the way of love.

Courtesy: By Jafree Ozwald 



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