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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 3. Abhyasa—The Practice

The great rishis discovered this secret of pranayama when they found that a calm, slow rhythm of breathing always accompanied a tranquil mind and a fast breathing pattern indicated tension an agitation. You can discover this for yourself if you observe your breathing and mind under various circumstances. This is true pranayama, not the forced holding of breath which could cause internal haemorrhage or worse.

As you calmly observe your breathing, and as the breathing pattern becomes so slow and soft that you can hardly feel it, stop even watching the breathing, and fix your attention only on the lotus that blooms in your heart. Abandon even the ‘So Hum’. Just sit there, feeling the blissful presence of the Lord, who is bliss itself, filling your heart with the nectar of joy. You are yourself that joy.

As you practise daily (and with the master’s help which is surely there) you’ll enter subtler spheres of consciousness and bliss. You will see lights and hear heavenly music and witness wonders, but tarry not. These are merely signposts and sometimes temptations. Keep marching ahead quietly until you come face to face with the ‘Presence’, who is within and not far away.


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