sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 3. Abhyasa—The Practice

At times, your breathing may even cease briefly. This is keval kumbhak but there is a greater keval kumbhak where there is cessation of all thoughts. There is no incoming thought or outgoing thought. There is only the ‘One Pure Witness’, unaffected Satchidananda, watching the drama.

Of course, in the beginning, thoughts will come, sometimes in torrents, but don’t worry. Don’t try to throw them out. Watch calmly as you would a mischievous child and they’ll settle down and disappear.

Thoughts are like ripples that disturb the calm surface of the mind and distort the reflections. When they disappear, the surface becomes clean, and the undisturbed reflection of the ‘Sacred One’ is glimpsed, however briefly.

What is important is to understand that you are really the ever free, radiant, blissful being, and sit quietly. Everything else is irrelevant and cannot harm you in any way. “Meditate and discover this,” said the rishis of yore.

When you get up from your daily meditations, thank everything and everybody with utter humility.


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