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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 4. Benefits

What benefits does one derive from the practice of the technique discussed above?

You will soon begin to experience a lightness of body and mind. You will be less tense, less agitated, and in the business of daily life, more efficient. Modern medicine has discovered that many physical ailments have their beginning in mental stress. You’ll be saved from them on account of the relaxed condition of mind that you are able to induce daily. Since a tension-free mind can think more clearly and without confusion, you’ll see that your thought processes begin to get into efficient mode.

True, the dirt and rubbish that you have gathered in the past will at times come to the surface, but don’t worry. That’s how they are thrown out and got rid of.

You’ll also begin to get a new feeling of unselfish love and compassion towards other living things. From the lower centres, the thrill will ascend to the heart centre above, and whenever you encounter a beautiful thing, be it a bright flower or a lovely peak, or an old solitary tree, your heart will thrill with divine bliss.

But all these things are, so to say, fringe benefits. The real goal is still not attained. Don’t also mistake the technique for the goal. Go on meditating deeper and deeper until the mind is stripped bare and you find your own dear ‘Self’, the radiant unpolluted, indestructible, pure consciousness, the unalloyed bliss. May the master guide you in this supreme adventure.


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