It may first seem unnatural and fake to open your arms to a perfect stranger, or a “non-hugging” family member who you just doesn’t let anyone associate with them on that level.  The hug may feel like you’re hugging a stiff oak tree, where you might receive a painful slap on the back.  The communication begins with teaching others how to hug.  Let them know why you are doing this and what it means to your life.  Be radically honest with people, you have nothing but your ego to lose.  With a little practice you’ll soon find each new embrace becomes more warm and cozy than the last.  In a very short while you’ll find the community around you then becomes a doorway to deeper healing and transformation within yourself.

To give and receive the ultimate hug, you must understand that every heart to heart meeting you have is an short yet divine opportunity for each person to relax, rest and dive deep within themselves.  It may last 3 seconds, 3 minutes, or 3 hours, all depending on the level of communication you create.  The key is making every embrace genuine, meaning your heart is truly open and loving theirs.  This type of embrace from both people becomes an instant gateway to the divine.  Through intentional communication with the people in your community, your heart opening practice with others will soon become a joyful habit that everyone looks forward to, and will soon manifest into the most amazing joyful life everyone could possibly live.

Your life is meant to be juicy and overflowing with great aliveness.  You are not here to live a life of feeling separate, isolated or avoiding touching other people.  Human beings need gentle, warm, physical touch everyday to remain healthy.  It is vital and essential for you to be happy and exist in a state of true mental, emotional and physical health.  When you stop caring about the social boundaries people have around truly embracing another being, you realize that there is an entire world of loving hearts available for you to connect with.  Through a radical playful honesty with others about your new hugging life mission, you will free the mind from all social inhibitions and find the trust in love that will guide you. It is your devotion to melting the walls everyone has around their hearts that the right words and actions will come to you, and will turn any socially awkward situation into the most enlightening and healing heart opening connection.

Courtesy: By Jafree Ozwald 



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