Unconditional Love: Perfecting Human Relationships

 Balancing Feminine and Masculine Qualities

It seems there has always been a rivalry between man and woman. But they are equals; neither one is superior. Be proud of what you are in this life.


“In sleep, you do not know whether you are a man or a woman,” [Sri Yukteswar said], “Just as a man, impersonating a woman, does not become one, so the soul, impersonating both man and woman, remains changeless. The soul is the immutable, unqualified image of God.”


Do not even allow yourself to be limited to the consciousness that you are a man or a woman: You are a soul made in God’s image….The wisest course is to remember always, “I am neither man nor woman; I am Spirit.” Then you will rid yourself of the limiting consciousness of both tendencies; you will realize your highest divine potential, whether you are incarnate as a man or a woman.


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