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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 5. Adjuncts

If you kill, you know that it is most likely that you will be killed by someone too. The whole culture of violence where enemies kill each other is merely the symptom of a disease which lies deep in each individual. the desire to kill is necessary to win the race, but then who pauses to ponder over the fact that all joy and fulfilment lie within the heart and not outside? The same blissful Self which is in you is in me and one has only to meditate and live in peace to contact it.

If you lie once, you’ll probably have to lie again and again to protect the original lie, and so on it goes—a vicious circle. Soon you have spun a web of lies which you are afraid might be broken and further lies are woven to prevent this. Thereafter, you even begin to believe your own lies.

How can such persons have peace of mind? So, throw all these things overboard and lead a simple, transparent life full of peace and tranquillity. The small inconveniences you may feel are nothing compared to what you gain.


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