Unconditional Love: Perfecting Human Relationships

 Balancing Feminine and Masculine Qualities

God is both infinite wisdom and infinite feeling. When He manifested Himself in creation, God gave His wisdom a form in the father, and He gave his feeling a form in the mother….Every father, and every mother is potentially endowed with both the fatherly wisdom and the motherly tenderness of God. They have to perfect these endowments….The divine man develops both the fatherly and motherly qualities in himself.


Man argues that woman is emotional and cannot reason; and woman complains that man cannot feel. Both are incorrect. Woman can reason, but feeling is uppermost in her nature; and man an feel, but in him reason is predominant.


God created these physiological and mental differences in order to make some distinction between man and woman. The ideal spiritual union between them was meant to bring out the hidden feeling in man and to develop the hidden reason in woman. They were meant to aid each other in developing the pure divine qualities of perfect reason and feeling.


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