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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 5. Adjuncts

As for adultery. Spiritual progress is linked to the ascension of the mind into subtler and higher states of consciousness, the grossest points of which function as hunger and sex. These are perfectly legitimate needs of any human being. However, we pay too much attention to the latter, because it affords the maximum enjoyment we can normally conceive of, and for a split second, can even make us forget ourselves.

As one approaches subtler spheres, the consciousness has to be shifted from the lower centre of sexual satisfaction to higher centres of spiritual satisfaction. This cannot be done if one’s mind is always centred on sex-related activities. Therefore, the emphasis on moderation in sexual indulgence. The ideal person does not go around indulging in sex at all times under all circumstances and become a prey to venereal disease or AIDS or other physical and mental diseases, all in the name of freedom. He gradually gets rid of the obsession by sublimating his sexual energies to higher emotions which lift his consciousness to greater and higher states of existence. In the upper centres, like the heart centre, for instance. He enjoys a bliss that is a thousand times more powerful than mere sexual enjoyment. Therefore, the advanced yogi needs no sexual enjoyment in the usual sense of the term.

Closely connected to sex is the question of food. The best way to control a wayward mind is an occasional fast. The yogi, a practitioner of spiritual exercises, needs to moderate all his activities in order to be able to progress in his endeavour. Mark you, moderation is the key word.


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