Right now, pretend that you have never given nor received the most amazing hug in the Universe.  This profound life changing “cosmic hug” is one that will make your heart feel like its a pink puffy cloud all day long. Explore what its like to hug people as if it was a new art form that nobody knew existed! Imagine you are discovering this special exotic technique which will take you into the highest levels of bliss.  Let yourself explore each hug as if you were falling into the arms of God and arriving in heaven.  Trust this experience each time until you completely give up all inhibitions and fear.  Just open your arms and smile whenever you meet someone new.  Don’t even think about it, just do it, all the while you are genuinely smiling. Most people will just copy whatever you’re doing and open their arms too, because social rapport is embedded into our very core.  Most people don’t want to seem distant cold or closed down, so embrace them and love them as long as is comfortable for you and them.

Its important to realize that it takes a very advanced soul to know how to hug another being in a deep and meaningful way.  Do not get too discouraged if you or your partner are not able to immediately follow these steps and find the ultimate cosmic hugging experience.  It may take time before some people trust this feeling of being embraced with unconditional love.  Share this email with those you want to share this divine experience with!  Now get ready to become a hug-a-holic…here are 4 life changing steps to giving and receive a truly healing hug!

Courtesy: By Jafree Ozwald 



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