Super Cosmic Hug Step #1  Look people in the eyes when you meet them. Smile and give a first initial “I love you” greeting just from your eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, so let the love come through them!  Love the other person not because you should but because they are lovable, need love and available for receiving love. Make this about giving love from your soul, and also receiving any love that you need to.  This is not about trying to get them to give love back to you, yet be open to that when it does occur. Hugging is about intimacy and creating a connection with human beings that breaks through all your fears, walls and limitations.

Super Cosmic Hug Step #2  Allow your chest to physically touch the others chest.  Embrace their body in the most gentle, slow and loving manner that is deeply welcoming them into your heart.  When the other embraces you, rest into the other persons heart.  Surrender any walls or fears you have, and melt for a few moments into the others body.  Take a deep breath together with the person and exhale together.  Ask them to breath with you if they are open to it.  Allow your heart to open and connect with the heart and being of the other soul.

Super Cosmic Hug Step #3   Remain centered in your body as you embrace and surrender into the other.  This is not about giving your heart away to the other person. They already have a heart so what would they need a second heart for?  Enjoy the process of finding the balanced point in the very center of yourself in this experience.  It may become erotic or exotic if you’re attracted to the other, yet allow yourself to remain connected to your center, your heart, your truth and essence. Merge yet remain centered in the merging.  It can be very easy to get lost in the other, or to remain distant, separate and in control. Find the middle path where you can breathe with them and be in their energy field and deeply rooted and centered in your essence at the same time.

Super Cosmic Hug Step #4  When your bodies physically meet, find a level of full bodily embrace that feels enjoyable, healing, healthy and relaxing for everyone involved.  Some people will keep their pelvis (sex center) pulled back so as not to get to close, while others may push into you. Just find the middle ground where you’re not resisting nor pushing, yet meeting them with the heart, belly and hips evenly. It takes practice yet this is about learning how to let go of layers of social fears and sexual inhibitions we didn’t even know we had.  To reach the more advanced levels of hugging, you may need to talk openly about these four steps in detail with your friend or partner.  Practice hugging many times a day and get comfortable feeling what a real juicy hug is like for you!

Courtesy: By Jafree Ozwald 



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