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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 5. Adjuncts

Your reason is a very important instrument and an intoxicant destroys it gradually, apart from causing physical ailments and the curse of alcoholism or other forms of addiction. The habitual drinker or drug abuser overestimates his abilities and commits blunders. Many road accidents are the results of drunken driving. The false sense of euphoria and self-importance induced by alcohol or drugs is followed by depression. Ask the addict how he dreads his hangovers or cold turkeys and yet he waits eagerly for his next high. Addiction is slavery, mental and physical, be it alcohol or drugs. Drugs are, however, the more dangerous of the two since they can cause permanent damage to the brain.

“Okay,” some may say, “are we to cut out all that we enjoy from our lives? If we don’t drink occasionally how are we going to get away from the sorrows and cares of the world? We will become more frustrated, more violent. There is no other stat of altered consciousness that we know of.”

Now, wait a minute. You are only exchanging lesser joys for the springs of joy that can well up within your heart. You will no longer complain when they begin to flow.


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