Unconditional Love: Perfecting Human Relationships


The greatest thing a husband or wife can wish for the spouse is spirituality; for soul unfoldment brings out the divine qualities of understanding, patience, thoughtfulness, love. But each should remember that the desire for spiritual growth cannot be forced on the other. Live love yourself, and your goodness will inspire all your loved ones.


Unless married couples keep in mind the true high purpose of marriage, they may never enjoy a really happy life together. Oversexuality, too much familiarity, lack of courtesy, suspiciousness, insulting speech or acts, arguing before children or guests, crankiness, and unloading of troubles or anger on one’s mate should be disallowed if marriage is to be ideal.


The first and most essential requirement for a happy marriage is soul unity—similarity of spiritual ideals and goals, implemented by a practical willingness to attain those goals by study, effort and self-discipline. Couples who possess soul unity will be able to make a success of marriage even if no other desirable basis is present.

The second requirement for a happy marriage is similarity of interest—intellectual, social, environmental, and so on.

The third, and last in imporant (though usually given first place by unenlightened people), is physical attraction. That bond soon loses its attractive power if the first requirement, or the first and second requirements, are not also present.


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