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Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 5. Adjuncts

The only gods you can actually see with your physical eyes are these living gods. Serve them but remember while doing so to be thankful to them for providing you the opportunity to serve them and thereby speeding up your spiritual progress. It is you who should be thankful, not they. Feed one hungry man even once and see how much easier it is to contact the Divinity when you sit down for meditation that day.

Someone asked me the other day, “Sir, are we to begin meditation after we have practised all these moral precepts to perfection?”

That, Sir, is next to impossible. No one has ever succeeded in becoming morally perfect before beginning to meditate. The fact is that meditation and practice of moral precepts complement each other. Begin to meditate today. Do not postpone it. Side by side with this, attempt to follow the yamas and niyamas to the best of your ability.

AS you progress, you’ll become more and more morally perfect and so also will your progress in meditation become better and better. This will go on until you reach your final goal. Till then, there are bound to be imperfections. So don’t worry. Only when one has perfectly understood that all that exists is the ‘Self’, will selfishness be completely destroyed. Doesn’t all immorality spring from selfishness? As you approach nearer and nearer the blissful Self, you will find no need to behave immorally. Until then, do your best. Conquer hate with love.


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