sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 6. The Lover

While all these instructions apply to most people, there is one exception—the true bhakta, the lover. He or she is caught up in a cyclonic love affair as it were with the Lord, the eternal sweetheart, and no rules and regulations apply to such fortunate souls.

Meditation, diet, religious observances, customs and manners, duties and responsibilities, none of these matter to this being. He throws the whole world to the winds and pines away for the Lord. Separation from his Beloved is unbearable for him and he goes mad with longing. He is unaware of anything else. And when the Lord finally comes, he doesn’t bow down to Him. They, the lover and the Beloved, are then locked in the embrace of divine love until they cannot be distinguished, one from the other.

But a word of caution. Do not try to imitate him. Also, guard yourself against imitations. The one sure sign of a true lover is the absence of selfishness. If anyone pretends to be one and you discover even a tinge of selfishness, keep away.


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