Unconditional Love: Perfecting Human Relationships


Those who practice a natural—not forced—moderation in their sex life develop other enduring qualities in the husband-wife relationship: friendship, companionship, understanding, mutual love. For example, Madame Amelita Galli-Curci and her husband, Homer Samuels, are the greatest lovers I have met in the West. Their love is beautiful because they practice these ideals of which I speak. When parted even for a short time, they eagerly look forward to seeing each other again, to being in each other’s company, to sharing their thoughts and love.


Every individual needs a period of aloneness or solitude in order to cope with the increasing pressures of life….Do not encroach upon one another’s independence.


When the husband serves the wife, and she serves him, each with the desire to see the other happy, Christ Consciousness–God’s loving Cosmic Intelligence that permeates every atom of creation–has begun to express itself through their consciousness.


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