sri m

Towards Greater Glory and A happier Life


 6. The Lover

True lovers of God are rare and, wherever they are, a flod of spirituality sweeps through and many are benefited by it. And yet most of such lovers refuse to be masters or guides since they are most of the time caught up in their own world of divine love.

A few of them, after having passed through the stormy stage and attained the highest, bring their minds down to everyday consciousness in response to the Supreme Being’s command so as to teach others. Such teachers are indeed the greatest and fortunate indeed are their disciples.

But, once more I must warn you. Some mentally unbalanced persons and lunatics may behave like bhaktas. So take care. Absence of wisdom and presence of selfishness and lust are sure signs of fake bhaktas and lunatics.

The rishi, the jnana yogi, and the raja yogi are of a different type. They are calm, collected and tranquil, and can often teach even without uttering a single word. Silently they guide and transmit the energy which cleanses your heart and clears the passage for the ascension of Divine Power which is the very essence of bliss.


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