sri m7. The Master

When the time is ripe, the master comes. You don’t have to search for him in Himalayas. He may be living next door but you may not know. Your ignorance and arrogance effectively help him to remain hidden.

If you are a sincere aspirant, if your only goal in life is to meet your beloved ‘Self’, if you constantly meditate and pray for guidance, the master shall surely come—if so required.

You may or may not recognise him but he guides you silently. The true master is the Lord Himself who takes on various forms to guide the devotee.

Test the master well before you accept him. If there is even a trace of lust or selfishness in him, he is not of the highest status. Test him thoroughly but have patience. Do not judge in haste, for, many a time the actions of a master have been misunderstood. Mysterious are his ways. Do not judge his actions without finding out the motives.


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