No matter what difference of opinion there is between you and such friends, there is always understanding and communication. In that relationship, regardless of differing views, you have mutual respect and cherish your friendship above everything else. True friendship established in God is the only relationship that is lasting.


If you proffer friendship, you must mean it. You must not show kindness or cooperation outside, and inside feel the opposite. Spiritual law is very powerful. Don’t go against spiritual principles. Never deceive or be treacherous. As a friend, know when to mind your own business, understand your place; know when you should have the willingness to cooperate, and when you should have the will to non-cooperate.


It is wrong to speak the truth when, by doing so, one betrays another person unnecessarily and to no good purpose. Suppose a man drinks, but tries to hide it from the rest of the world. You know about his weakness, and so in the name of truthfulness you announce to your friends, “You know that so and so drinks don’t you?” Such a remark is uncalled for; one should not be busy about other people’s business. Be protective about others’ personal faults, so long as they harm no one else. Speak privately to an offender about his failings, if you have an opportunity or responsibility to help him; but never, under pretext of helping someone, speak deliberately to hurt him. You will only “help” him to become your enemy. You may also extinguish any desire that he might have had to become better.


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