sri m

An interesting aspect of this conversation is that it was not recorded mechanically or manually at the time of its occurrence. It was not due to M’s lapse or lack of eagerness, especially as he was sceptical about his, as he thought, too fallible a memory. His Master dissuaded him from such an attempt; he said that this was unnecessary. He assured M of a total recall at the right time, though what that ‘right time’ was left unclear.

A few years later, M was working as a journalist in the Andamans. Often the afternoon time lay heavily on his hands and he decided to test his ability for total recall. He won—rather, his Master did not fail him. To his amazement and delight, the entire dialogue began to unspool, and words flowed as if he was engaged in automatic writing on the papers in front of him. It is hoped that the result—a permanent record of the dialectical exchange—will clear some of the doubts of the readers as it did that of M himself.


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