Just as dew helps the flower to grow, so inner and outer sweetness fosters the growth of friendship.


To be a true, unconditional friend, your love must be anchored in God’s love. Your life with God is the inspiration behind true divine friendship with all.


Try to perfect your friendship with a few souls. When you can truly give unconditional friendship to them, then your heart will be ready to give perfect friendship to all. And when you can do that, you become divine—like God and the great ones, who give friendship to every being, irrespective of personality. Friendship that remains centered on only one or two souls, to the exclusion of others, is like a river that loses itself in the sands, never reaching the ocean.

The river of divine friendship broadens as it flows onward, powerful and truthful, eventually merging in the oceanic presence of God.

As I radiate love and goodwill to others, I will open the channel for God’s love to come to me. Divine love is the magnet that draws to me all good.


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