sri m

This was the first day of the fortnight I spent with him. I had so many questions to ask and so many doubts to clear. I didn’t know when again I would get such an opportunity.

And we began.

M: Sir, I have studied Vedanta for many years. When I began, I thought I understood everything, but as years passed and I went deeper into the subject, I began to realise how little I had grasped. There are so many questions that have remained unclear.

First, unravel the mystery of knowledge itself, since this very path of the seeker is known as the path of knowledge, jnana marga. I am as confused as many by the statement made in the Isha Upanishad:

Andham tamah pravisanti ye vidyam upasate

tato bhuya iva te tamo ya u vidyayam tatah.

(They who worship ignorance enter into darkness And they who worship knowledge enter into greater darkness.)

The first part is clear. We have always been taught from childhood that ignorance is to be overcome by acquiring knowledge. So, it is quite baffling to hear the rishi say that, to worship knowledge is to enter into greater darkness. How can this be? If both ignorance and knowledge lead to darkness, is there something beyond both knowledge and ignorance? If even knowledge leads to darkness, what is it that one can reach which is beyond both knowledge and ignorance?

{please follow the answer from Master in next post}


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